If the job of the Church is to spread the Good News, then the mission will only be accomplished in Gladstone, if All Saints Parish is vibrant. If our parish must be dynamic in order for the mission to be accomplished, then we focus our efforts on building up our parish, deepening our prayer, being intentional about inviting others to be transformed in worshiping with us, and making every effort to ensure our worship and parish life is authentically Catholic.

All saints every sunday -- Our mission

In the Church, it is so easy to lose sight of our true mission.  We get concerned with our own lives.  We become focused on parish activities.  We struggle with the difficulties in our families and community.  We become distracted by every sort of activity and concern.  But for the follower of Jesus, our job is clear and simple: share the Good News of Jesus with others.  Period.  READ MORE HERE


" I'm not sure I believe...

When difficulties with faith keep you from attending Mass"

When faced tragedies or challenges, people will tell me that they feel distant from God, even like God has abandoned them.  It’s not uncommon.  Someone stops coming to Mass when facing a failed marriage, or their business going under, or a loved one is dying.  They say, “I don’t know where God has gone.  My life is in such turmoil.  I can’t pray.  God’s abandoned me.”  My heart goes out to them because I have no doubt that this is exactly what it feels like… and it doesn’t feel good.  READ MORE HERE


" I'm Divorced...

and it feels like I’m not welcome in Church”

If you are Catholic and divorced, you may feel lost at Church.  Of course, you are not alone.  The divorce rate is anywhere from 50 percent for first marriages to 80 percent for subsequent marriages.  You will probably not be surprised to know that many of those divorced people are part of All Saints Church at Sunday Mass.  What is disturbing is that many of them are not in our church at Sunday Mass.  READ MORE HERE


" I'm Too Busy...

When Family Responsibilities Get in the Way of Going to Mass”

“Mom, my coach scheduled practice on Saturday afternoon this week, because we have a game in Marquette on Sunday morning.”  “OK, just write it on the calendar so we can figure out rides.”  

It’s bewildering how those conversations go unchallenged in the homes of so many Catholic families these days.  Our weekends have become loaded with sporting events, competitions, camping, and “trips to the city,” with little consideration for one’s Catholic faith.  Not to mention, catching up on house work, yard work, and cleaning the garage.  We spend all weekend, slaving under every variety of home care without much thought that it is getting in the way of something more important.  If you’re asking, “what’s the problem?” then you’re probably part of the growing number of Catholics skipping Mass on the weekend.