Weekend of November 27-28, 2010-First Sunday of Advent

Weekend of Novmeber 27-28, 2010     -     First Sunday of Advent  

Isaiah 2:1-5                                             Romans 13:11-14                                   Matthew 24:37-44

The first reading promises that an age will come when people will beat their swords into plow- shares so peace may reign upon the earth.  The reading from Romans calls us to put on the armor of light.  In the Gospel, Jesus instructs us to stay awake, for we do not know when our time will come to stand before him.

Advent invites us to do things to open our hearts more fully to the Lord.  Be it setting aside extra time for prayer, doing works of charity or going to the sacrament of reconciliation (Confession).  These actions serve to make our hearts more welcome homes for Jesus, while also helping to en- sure that we are prepared to stand before Jesus when our time comes.