Weekend of September 18-19, 2010-Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Amos 8:4-7                                           1 Timothy 2:1-8                                              Luke 16:1-13


The reading from Amos reminds us of our duty and obligation to act justly and to serve the needs of the poor.  Our second reading exhorts us to pray for all people, that they may come to knowledge of the truth, for God wills everyone to be saved.  In the Gospel, Jesus teaches that no one can serve both God and mammon.


Whether we are aware of it or not, each of us has a master in our lives.  This could be God, money or seeking the approval of others.  Our Lord taught that if we try to serve more than one master, we will be at odds with ourselves.  So that we may have God’s peace in our lives, let us strive always to make God the master of our lives.