Weekend of May 15-16, 2010-The Ascension of the Lord

Acts 1:1-11                                             Ephesians 1:17-23                                          Luke 24:17-23


Luke’s account of the Ascension is given to us in our readings from Acts and the Gospel.  He sums up the life and mission of Jesus and proclaims how Jesus handed his mission on to the Apostles, who will be empowered by the Holy Spirit.  In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul prays that they be open to the Holy Spirit, who will enlighten them.


Jesus entrusted the mission of the proclamation of the Good News to his Apostles.  Nowhere is this more clear than at the Ascension of our Lord.  We now take the parting words of Jesus to heart as we live out our Christian calling.  Jesus reminds us that we are to be his witnesses in the world and promises to send the Holy Spirit to empower us to do so.