Weekend of April 24-25, 2010-Fourth Sunday of Easter

Acts 13:14,43-52                            Revelation 7:9,14-17                                              John 10:27-30


In the first reading, Paul and Barnabas face opposition and jealousy.  They persevere and boldly proclaim the Gospel to all who will listen.  In the second reading, we hear a vision of heaven in which those who are faithful to Christ come to share in eternal life.  The Gospel reminds us that we are called to listen to Christ, for he alone gives eternal life.


The Gospel for the Fourth Sunday of Easter includes an image used many times by Jesus to describe himself and to speak of his relationship with his disciples.  At first glance, the image of the Good Shepherd might not be one with which we readily connect.  It can, however, help us realize that every Christian is to listen to and follow the voice of Jesus, heard in our hearts.