Weekend of April 17-18, 2010-Third Sunday of Easter

Acts 5:27-32,40-41                                  Revelation 5:11-14                                       John 21:1-19                                                                                                                                                               

In Acts, the Apostles are ordered to stop preaching about Jesus, but they say they must obey God.  The second reading speaks of the heavenly multitude giving praise to the Lamb of God.  In the Gospel, the Risen Jesus appears to the Apostles, bringing them a large catch of fish.  Jesus tells Peter to feed his lambs and his sheep.


We celebrate the Paschal mystery, reminded that for every rising, there must be a dying.  This can help us rejoice when we are found worthy to suffer in Christ’s name.  We also are reminded that, through the Holy Spirit, Jesus is always with us, offering us strength and leading us to an ever-greater fullness of life.