Weekend of February 20-21, 2010 - First Sunday of Lent

Deuteronomy 26:4-10 Romans 10:8-13 Luke 4:1-13 The first reading recalls the love with which God cared for his people from ancient times. Moses instructs the Israelites how to show God their gratitude. In the second reading, Paul teaches that all who believe in Jesus and follow his teachings will be saved. The Gospel tells of the temptations

Jesus experienced in the desert.

On this first Sunday of Lent, the Church reminds us that the devil is powerful and bold, appearing to have much to offer. Jesus, however, shows us that God has even more, and that God’s love has been shown throughout the ages. During this Lent, let us focus our hearts on God’s love, as we strive to live more fully according to his will.