Weekend of December 19-20, 2009-Fourth Sunday of Advent

Micah 5:1-4a Hebrews 10:5-10 Luke 1:39-45 In the first reading, Micah prophesies that from Bethlehem will come one to rule Israel. In the second reading, we hear that the sacrifice of Christ consecrates us, making us acceptable to God. In Luke’s Gospel, we hear of Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth, who praises the Blessed Mother for her faithfulness to God.

Advent is a time of joyful, yet reflective, anticipation. The coming of Jesus brought about his triumph over sin, the restoration of our relationship with the Father and opened the door to ever-

lasting life. These remaining days of Advent give us an opportunity to prepare our hearts so they may be welcoming homes for Jesus, our Savior.