Weekend of October 17-18, 2009-Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 53:10-11                                       Hebrews 4:14-16                                        Mark 10:35-45

The first reading speaks of God’s suffering servant, who will justify many.  In the second reading we hear about Jesus, the great merciful high priest, who can sympathize with our weakness be-
cause he also was tested, yet without sin.  In the Gospel, Jesus teaches that in God’s Kingdom, those who seek greatness are to be the servants of all.

Christ’s suffering, death and Resurrection defeated sin and death.  If we want to share in Christ’s Resurrection, we must be willing to sacrifice, as well.  Our sacrifice may be a small inconvenience or something major done in order to be faithful to God’s will.  As we choose Christ’s way, we can live in hope of sharing eternal life, the ultimate victory.