Weekend of October 3-4, 2009-Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Genesis 2:18-24                                      Hebrews 2:9-11                                           Mark 10:2-16 In Genesis, God provides man with a partner-woman, who is Flesh of his flesh.  In the second reading we are reminded that, by taking on our human nature, Jesus is not ashamed to call us his brothers and sisters.  In Mark’s Gospel, Christ teaches that marriage is intended by God to be a covenant that lasts for the whole of life.

God created man and woman to be complementary, helping each other to be faithful to God’s will.  We see marriage as an important part of God’s plan.  We believe that as part of God’s plan, faithful Catholics who are called to the vocation of marriage are called to be true to God and one another so they may grow in holiness, with and through one another.