Weekend of September 19-20, 2009-Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Wisdom 2:12,17-20                                   James 3:16-4:3                                          Mark 9:30-37 In the first reading, the wicked call for a shameful death for the righteous one.  The second reading points out that jealousy and selfishness bring disorder and other evils, while being faithful to God brings peace.  In the Gospel, Jesus says those who wish to be considered great must be the servants of all. He also speaks of his own death and resurrection.

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells his disciples that whoever receives a child in his name receives not only the child, but Christ himself.  They also receive the One who sent him - the Father.  Since we are all children of God, Jesus is telling us to love everyone.  Doing this brings us closer to God, the source of all love.