Weekend of July 18-19, 2009-Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jeremiah 23:1-6               Ephesians 2:134-18                Mark 6:30-34 Jeremiah reminds us that some religious leaders did not shepherd God’s people as they should, but that God promised to send a righteous one from the line of David.  In Ephesians we hear that Jesus has gathered all his followers close to the Father.  In the Gospel, Jesus sees that the people are like sheep, seeking someone to guide and care for them.

We live in difficult times. Unemployment, sickness and financial insecurity affect our daily lives.  Because of these things we sometimes succumb to anxiety and fear.  But Jesus offers us consola- tion, hope and peace.  He is the Good Shepherd who can - and will - guide and protect us when we place our trust in him.