Weekend of July 11-12, 2009-Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Amos 7:12-15                   Ephesians 1:3-14                Mark 6:7-13 The prophet Amos is rejected in Bethel, but continues to serve God as a prophet to the people of Israel.  Paul’s letter to the Ephesians reminds us of the many spiritual blessings we receive through Christ.  In the Gospel, Jesus sends the Apostles out to carry on his mission.  He equips them spiritually, but also prepares them for rejection.

Each of us has been called by God to a unique vocation, and he provides us with the talents and blessings we need in order to carry it out.  However, to do this we need to be open to the working of the Holy Spirit within us.  When we cooperate with the Holy Spirit, we can accomplish all God asks of us.